Get Rid of a Bumper Dent

December 6, 2018

Here’s How You Can Try to Get Rid of a Bumper Dent

Everyone can relate to the pain of a bumper dent on their shiny pride and joy. It’s even worse when you realize that you’re going to have to pay out of your pocket for this ghastly eyesore. However, there is some good news. You can try to get rid of a bumper dent at home with a few hacks that are quick, easy and inexpensive. Here are a couple of ways to get rid of that dent on your bumper.

  • Use an hair dryer and an air duster: This is a popular way of removing dents and has worked for many people. Blow hot air on the metal so that it heats up. Follow up by taking the air duster, holding it upside down and spraying it on the dented area. This will make the dent pop out because of contraction from the hot and cold.
  • Boiling water: Boil water and throw it on the dent. When the dent is hot, it will be easier to pop as you apply pressure. Do it quickly because the heat doesn’t last long. Keep a bucket of boiling water with you in case you’d like to keep trying – but be very careful while handling boiling water to avoid burning yourself.
  • Dry Ice: Remember to use a pair of dry ice gloves while handling dry ice. Dry ice is great because it is cheap and can be found at some grocery stores. Rub the dry ice on the dent every couple of seconds until the dent pops out.
  • Use a plunger: Plungers can unclog drains as well as remove car dents. Who knew? Make sure to use a cup plunger and not a flange. Throw some water onto the dent and the plunger. Follow up by pulling on the dent. It should pop out with a couple of attempts.
  • If all of these DIY techniques fail, see a collision shop as you can unknowingly could do more harm than good if you keep trying different ways. Some of this methods can be dangerous if you are not careful handling the tools, materials and use the protection necessary to protect your skin. We always recommend to bring your vehicle into the bodyshop for an evaluation and let the auto body experts fix it.

    As an aside not all dents can be popped out with this methods it really depends on the material that your bumper is made out. We mostly recommend that you bring in your vehicle for a Free Estimate at Ed Morse Collision located in Riviera Beach just minutes away from West Palm Beach and Juno where we can look at the dent. Most smaller dents can be repair with a paintless dent repair which is affordable and some dents, scratches might be too damaged to be repaired and might require an entire panel change. Visit us today.